Saturday, September 29, 2012

Story 3

One of the churches we visited was a Presbyterian church. I had high hopes for this church, because of their Reformed roots. A couple of people made an effort to be friendly and engage us in chit-chat. The pastor was not one of them. Not that I expect the pastor to be the first person to engage everyone in the church, but when it is a small congregation (around 200, but less than 100 at this service), and he walks right by you a few times without even an acknowledgment, it makes you wonder. Good or bad, the pastor sets the tone for much of what the congregation will do. A third issue that I struggled with was the plans that the church had for an addition. It just seemed that the focus of the service was more about the proposed addition than it was about the reason for that addition, Jesus Christ. everything was geared toward that goal.

Now I don't discount the need for church buildings. But I also struggle with the lavish amounts of money that are spent while other needs, needs that there are definite Biblical mandates for, go by the wayside or receive a fraction of the attention they deserve.

I don't want to take anything away from this church or judge their hearts, I just knew that this place was not going to be a good place for us.

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