Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's Up?

Hard to believe it has been a month since I have posted. After finishing the book of Galatians, it was difficult to decide what to do next. I have been reading a book, "God's Astounding Opinion of You" by Ralph Harris because our Sunday School class is going through it. I think I will begin posting thoughts from it.

Here's my first thought, I really didn't care for the book when I first heard the title. I guess it sounded a little too much like something Joel Osteen would say. However, having read about 1/2 of the book already, I am glad to be reading it. God does have a high opinion of us, and understood correctly, that should have a huge impact on our lives. I don't care much for prosperity theology. In fact, I down-right hate it. But this is not that kind of book or theology.

So there is a teaser. Things are busy right now, and I don't know how much I will have time to post. High stakes testing going on at school, and there is always something that needs done. Things are busy at home as well. Last weekend my daughter spent 4 days in the hospital due to her CIDP, and is doing much better now.

God is faithful.

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