Sunday, May 11, 2014

Is heaven for real?

I saw the movie today. Not that I wanted to, but my daughter did. I wanted to see it so we could talk about it.

As far as movies go, it was okay. As far as the message, I guess I am as conflicted as the pastor in the movie.

Burpo wants to believe his kid. So do I. But he is not my child, and I do not know how factual the movie records the actual events. So I guess I am a bit more skeptical than the father.

My wife says, "As long as it gets people talking about heaven, then it is a good thing." But I ask myself, is that enough? Is it enough to just talk about heaven? Burpo has been talking about heaven for a long time. He is a pastor, and has raised his children to have faith. He is apparently a good speaker and has a church that is growing. But when things get tough, he questions God and his own faith. So what kind of faith has he been preaching about?

Heaven is a great comfort. To know that grampa is there, or an unborn child, that would be great. But is that what God wants from us, a desire to be with our loved ones? Or is heaven first and foremost about being with God? When we are told that we must love God with all our heart, soul, and strength, where does the idea of eternal bliss fit into this picture? Why didn't Jesus spend more time using this means to attract followers and converts? Instead, he talked about things like turning the other cheek and going the extra mile and picking up our cross to follow Him.

Well, maybe God has changed tactics. Maybe this one will work a lot better. Maybe.


Bishop Dennis Campbell said...

I admit, I have not seen the movie, and probably will not. I also agree with you that talking about Heaven is not enough. But, since we are talking, or at least writing about it, it is important to note that the greatest thing about Heaven is God. In Heaven we will see and know Him much more fully than is possible here on earth. And we will love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul at last.
Great post. Thank you.

Don G said...

You're welcome. Stop on in any time. :)