Friday, January 20, 2012

Turning Over Tables

I wonder what people thought the day that Jesus went into the temple and began turning over tables. Surely some thought he was crazy. This practice (of selling the needed items to fulfill the Jewish laws) had been in place for a while. These people were performing a necessary service. But they were doing it in movie theater style. You know, where you pay $4.50 for some popcorn that they buy in 50 pound bags for $9.00 a bag? (At least that was the going rate when I stopped delivering them in 1998. I checked the web and found 50 lb. bags for about $15 on one site.) But I wonder if there were others who were, at least silently saying, "You go Jesus!" You rock! I have been wanting to do this for years!"

What was Jesus's motivation? What fueled his actions and anger? It was not what they were doing to Him, it was what they were doing to his Father. So what message does Jesus send here? Could he have walked away, just taken a time-out and cooled off? Could he have found another temple or stopped going to temple? Could he have found a place that was welcoming and did things the way he thought they should be done? Could he have called a legion of angels to just destroy the place? After all, He was the Son of God. But He chose to get angry and to vent that righteous anger by a demonstration that shocked probably everyone. And sent a very powerful message.

I am sure that not everyone welcomed His action or message. But Jesus was never about doing what was politically correct or safe. He was more concerned about doing what was right and honoring His Father. Or, as in this case, responding to seeing His Father's house being abused. (see also Matt 10:32-38)

Popcorn anyone?

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