Monday, November 26, 2012

Praise Him in the Storm

In 38:1 of Job, God finally speaks, and it says he does so out of a storm. Which storm is it talking about? A literal storm or the storms in Job's life? Or perhaps both? I vote both, but it doesn't matter. I like that God speaks out of the storm either way.

So, many want to ask, are the storms of life Gods judgment or not? Again, the answer seems both. The flood was told as a story of judgment over the earth. But Job's storms seem to come as a life lesson. The New Testament tells that it rains on both the wicked and the righteous. God's sends the storms, and he knows why. That is good enough for me.

God then proceeds to ask Job a bunch of questions. The answers appear to fall into two categories. Category 1: Not me, I don't know, or no. Category 2: You, only you, or no one else but you. God is showing Job that He is God and Job is not. And as God, He does not answer to anyone, even the "righteous" Job. Job needs to hear this because he thinks he can stand before God as righteous. He can't. Two chapters of this before God relents.

I need to chew on this. How does this affect me? Even if I don't challenge God with my righteousness, because that would be very stupid of me, do I virtually do the same thing when I feel sorry for myself? When I get angry? When I am depressed or sad? If God is in control, how should I handle the sunshine and the storms? Yes, I need to chew on this a while.

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Kansas Bob said...

Good thoughts on whether the storm is literal or allegorical.

My heart is always glad when I find a way to praise and thank Him in the storm.