Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Because I love Him

No one should become a Christian simply because of how helpful you've found it to be in your life. (Ch. 1)

What is the motivation to be a follower of Jesus?

God has always been the giver of good gifts. The problem always occurs when we put those gifts above Him.

I think of my kids here. I provide many things for them. Sometimes they put those things above me. They take me for granted at the provided. Does it make me angry? Sometimes. But it does not keep me from loving them. It does not stop me from providing for them. I know how it is, because I have done it too. I have taken my parents for granted at times too. So I want to teach them. I want them to appreciate me, but even more to appreciate God.

Sometimes things don't go your way. What do you do then? If you become a Christian simple because you find it helpful, what happens when it isn't helpful anymore. My daughter struggles with CIDP. It has gone on for about 2 years now. God could heal her. I pray that He does. But I don't base my faith or love for Him on whether or not He does.

Of course, we should be grateful for God's blessings. And yes, God is helpful. But he also disciplines me at times. He doesn't always give me everything I want. I didn't take my kids out for ice cream tonight. I could. But that doesn't make me a bad dad.

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