Friday, February 24, 2012

Update and stuff

I sit here in the hospital as my daughter continues to get treatment for her "disease." Yeah, that is the term the doctor used today. He was pleased with her response to treatment. After only one day, she has significant strength back. Yay God!

I think about this. In order to get better, my daughter must suffer pain. I don't like it that she has to be stuck by needles, it makes her cry. But if she did not get this IV treatment, she would continue to get worse.

Sometimes, when we try to protect that which we love, we actually do more harm than good. I think of the elders of the church I attend, as they in my opinion, form a protective barrier between the pastor and any who would challenge him. So now, he does not have to defend himself, he is not challenged to grow outside of where he chooses, and the "unity" of the church is preserved. Or is it?

My daughter cried today. She will cry again tomorrow as she takes another IV for another treatment. But I am grateful for her tears, because they reveal a precious gift from God that will ultimately heal her and make her stronger.

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