Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is that salvation?

Found here.

At about the 1:19 mark, he says, "I don't know any other salvation besides a radical salvation."

I love that statement, and what he says that follows. So many will come forward today, shake a pastor's hand, maybe be greeted by the entire congregation, or get baptized, or sign a card. But if there is no change, if we have merely made a choice to go to heaven and not go to hell, is that salvation?

I think many in the church would say so. After all, they have their eternity staked on it. Pastors would say so, they have their paycheck staked on it. But is this what Jesus taught? Even and especially those outside the church, who point a critical finger at the church, no better.

I love that this man stutters a bit. It is not his eloquence that grabs me. It is not his message of a better life now. It is just the powerful message of a life changed by the gospel of Christ.

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