Monday, April 2, 2012

Like a symphony - Matthew 1:1-17

I have decided to read through the book of Matthew. While I read a lot of other books, I am currently reading N. T. Wright's "Following Jesus," I donlt want to get too far away from what the Bible has to say for itself.

So I have chosen Matthew as a starting place for today. N.T. Wright makes an interesting analogy about the beginning of Matthew. He likens it to a symphony, with its high and low moments. Jesus's geneology is certainly not what one might expect from the Son of God. Yes, there are some important players in the OT in his pedigree such as Abram, Issac, Jacob, and David. But there are also some low lever players, like stating that Solomon was "by the wife of Uriah." Ouch!

God is never shy about how He accomplishes things. He does not need the biggest and most enfluential humans to get the job done. He only needs Himself, and what a joy when He takes us on the journey with Him. Jesus's pedigree was not perfect, only He was. But isn't that what matters? My pedigree is not perfect either, nor am I. My only hope is in the perfect pedigree of my Savior. Anything else is foolishness. And I have seen a lot of foolishness.

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