Friday, October 19, 2012

What he didn't know mattered

I love the end of Chapter 8...Bildad says some things, surely meant in one context, but beautiful when taken in another. This is what I believe predicates Job's response of agreement. But then he asks Bildad to explain how it can be. And he again asserts God's sovereignty over every one and every thing. What have you made lately that can compare to the stars, mountains, or what control do you have over the sun or the ocean's waves?

God destroys both the blameless and the wicked, for are they not the same before Him? No wonder Job despises his life. (Note: The word despise carries the idea of rejection, not hatred. We are called to hate to reject our lives and embrace God.) If God is not in complete control, who is then? Who else or what else would Job embrace? But it is not easy, for who can understand the mind of God? Job will continue to struggle with this idea, not knowing the big picture.

Verse 33 of Chapter 9: If only there were someone to mediate between us, someone to bring us together."

Let me tell you of my Savior! But Job did not know of this, though he longed for it. Amazing.

But Job does not understand, so he continues to struggle. But he will voice his complaints, both to his companions, and to God as well. He even seems to struggle with the choices that God must make. On one hand, God is just and holy, so our sins is an abomination to Him and cannot go unpunished. Yet God made us and shaped us, he molded us like clay, how can He destroy us? Why are we born only to face judgment and destruction, pain and suffering? Yes, we deserve it all, but how much better never to have existed if this is our fate!

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