Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deja Vu all over again...

Job Chapter 11

Why do I feel like I know this guy, like he has given advice to me? He basically is saying that Job is full of b.s., and that Job should just listen to him. He even states, "God has even forgotten some of  your sin." Where does this come from? Did he just pull it from his behind? What line of thought does this come from, besides the line that says "this is what I want to believe?"

He asks Job if he can fathom the mysteries of God, and then proceeds to speak as if he can fathom the mysteries of God himself. It seems as if he want to boil the belief system down to the idea that if you just put away all evil, then life will be easy, you will have no problems with God or life. How is that working for anyone (besides Joel Osteen)?

The idea that I can live in comfort, that I need not fear God if I am doing right flies in the face of Scripture. Let's just think about Jonah here. He ran from God because he was not comfortable with what God wanted. He did not like the idea that God might show grace to these people. (Sometimes even grace can be an uncomfortable thing?) God finally does make him comfortable when he produces a plant to offer some shade, only to then provide a worm to cause the plant to die. Psyche! And perhaps just like Job, Jonah just needed to learn some things about God that God just does not teach in conventional ways.

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Pablo said...

Yes, today, many proclaim a soft Gospel. I prefer Paul's recommendation as he lays out in II Cor. 2:17. We don't need to peddle it. Speaking authentically---while proclaiming the gospel---works best.