Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unity or Conformity?

Another post found while digging through the archives and dredging up the drafts. Just couldn't delete it...

Christ calls for us to be united. But what does unity mean? Does it mean that we don't rock the boat? Does it mean that we never complain or confront? What does unity mean?

I have put together a few thoughts. Please feel free to share yours.

Unity means harmony, conformity means one note.
  • When everyone sings one note, it is easier to sing along, and harmony does takes effort. But it is harmony that makes the music beautiful.
Unity invites discussion, conformity demands you listen to it.
  • Discussion can be difficult. What if someone asks a question I don't like? What if I don't know an answer or have to struggle through something? I might even have to grow...
Unity is accomplished out of love, conformity is commanded out of fear.
  • There is a lot of control issues in the church. So many denominations, probably because when something gets difficult, we just leave or get kicked out. Is that the kind of love that God models for us? When the going gets tough, the tough get going...right out the door. (Sometimes with a shove)
Unity breeds compassion, conformity breeds contempt.
  • If you are different, you get treated different. I think the book of James addresses this well. (Don't read it unless you want to feel bad. Just saying...)
Unity allows for differences, conformity demands compliance.
  • When is the last time you saw a diverse church? Either in ethnicity, theology, etc. It's an anomoly, isn't it?
Unity comes from a clean inside, comformity looks good on the outside.
  • Matthew 23:25 anyone?
Unity seeks truth, conformity seeks to be right.
  • And only one can be right, right? And of course, it is me...
Unity comforts, conformity intimidates.
  • Even when we see someone in error (that does not lead to death), should our response be to beat them into submission? Is that how Jesus worked? Sure, he was tough on some, but had great compassion for others. What made the difference? (Think about it)
Unity plays by the rules, conformity makes its own rules.
  • Now, where is that found in the Bible? And doesn't this passage apply too?
Unity brings things to light, conformity hides things.
  • This is kind of a dysfunctional thing. Are there any dysfunctional churches out there?
Unity considers the body, conformity considers the self.
  • See that big toe? Do we really need him?
What about you> How do you see unity?

Unity is its own reward, conformity expects to be rewarded.

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Paul G said...

Good stuff, brother.