Saturday, November 9, 2013


Chapter 12. The final chapter of the book.  It begins with Paul's idea of contentment. So what does that idea sound like? It sounds like this...

"All his needs have been met in Jesus, so all he has left are wants."

I don't know about you, but I am not there yet. But I want to be.

We live in an instant world. Instant coffee, microwaves, the internet (which just keeps getting faster), etc. So much has changed in my life. But since I spend so much time in the present, it is hard to see it sometimes.

So where is contentment? Is it with the next big thing? I haven't downloaded IOS7 yet, but even when I do, can 8 be far behind? Paul had his share of highs and lows. And he talks about learning contentment through them all. Learning content. That is a tough concept. I want contentment now. Joel Osteen knows this. It helps him sell books like, "Your Best Life Now." Matt takes a different approach. One that might now help sell as many books, but one that has a better ring of truth in my opinion.

"contentment means being satisfied not with the gifts but with the Giver."

If I want to find contentment, it cannot be in the things my God brings to me, but rather in my God himself. I am still working on that.


KC Bob said...

"satisfied not with the gifts but with the Giver"

Best thing that I have read this week Don!

Don G said...

Thanks. Too bad I didn't think of it!