Friday, November 29, 2013

Pass the butter?

We do not simply remember Christ or rededicate ourselves to Christ in this meal; rather, Christ gives himself to us as the Bread of Life.

Michael Horton. Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church (p. 219). Kindle Edition.

I think when it comes to communion, I drift to the idea of works based religion more than any other time. Have I been good enough? Am I worthy to partake. The answer should always be, "No, not outside of the grace of Christ." So perhaps partaking in a worthy manner is not about me, at least in the sense of my behavior. But it is more about me and the question, "Am I willing to accept the gift that Christ is offering?" Am I willing to understand my own sinfulness and partake of the body and blood of Christ, fully understanding that without this sacrifice, I am damned. Those are strong words, but communion is a strong image. One that I believe is intended to evoke a great appreciation in the hearts of Christians.


KC Bob said...

What I like most about communion is that we take it together.

Bishop Dennis Campbell said...

Well said, Brother. We are made worthy by His grace, not our good works, and we come to the table to receive grace, not rewards.

I agree with KC Bob that togetherness is important. The Lord's Supper is for the Church, and is to be taken in the fellowship of the Body.

God be with you.

Don G said...

Thanks for the comments. There is a lot of depth to communion, but I like what Bob reminded me, that a main function is the idea of togetherness. So even though our church family can be somewhat dysfunctional, we are still all under the grace of the same Sovereign God.