Sunday, December 1, 2013

The butler didn't do it

We may think that it is we who need to serve God rather than vice versa. Nevertheless, Jesus tells us as he told Peter that this is actually an insult, a form of pride. We are the ones who need to be bathed, clothed, and fed, not God.

Michael Horton. Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church (p. 229). Kindle Edition.

Doesn't the Bible teach both? That we serve God (Romans 12:1-2) and that He serves us? I think the key word in the quote is "need." God does not "need" us to serve Him, but we do need Him to serve us.

Now that can be twisted. I am not talking about God serving me by fulfilling my every desire. Yet without the cross, without the sacrificial service of Christ, we are doomed. We need that. Without God's daily provision to keep our bodies functioning, the world spinning, the sun providing warmth and energy, we are gone. We need God, and it is this realization that both humbles and empowers us. At least it should.


Mike Erich the Mad Theologian said...

The thing that helps me here is to remember that everything comes from God. We are like a small boy who gets $10.00 from our father to buy him a Christmas present. It is good we do so, but we could not do it if he had not given it to us first.

Don G said...

Yes, He is the giver of all things. Even our ability to praise Him comes from Him.