Monday, December 9, 2013

Rethinking Church

00:41  What does the word of God say about the church?

Chan offers 4 things that embodies the church of the Scriptures. They are...

  1. Love. Family/sacrificial love
  2. Getting the message out (a priority)
  3. Gathered - focused on communion and community
  4. Equipping and Training took place
Is that the church you see today? 

I love when he compares the church of today verses the church of the Scriptures, saying it is like going to the movies instead of going to the gym. (around 03:50) 

Is there a better way to do church? As one who struggles with the institutional church, I am always interested in hearing new ideas. And I have a deep respect for Francis Chan. But is this a viable answer? Is building house churches and then regularly splitting them up better than what is in place now? The jury is out for me right now. Any thoughts?

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