Saturday, November 2, 2013

What, Me Worry?

Chapter 10 deals with the idea of worry. Just a few quotes to give you a taste.

"God does not promise to rid your life of affliction and difficulty. He does, however, offer to give you the grace needed to suffer well, and through grace to discover the riches and beauty of the gospel."

"When we live with a lack of anxiety about the future, even in those tightrope kind of times, we communicate the truth that our God is indeed worthy of our trust."

Do we trust God? If something happens that is not according to "our" plan, are we willing to give up our plan and surrender to Him? Here is a thought that bears some consideration: The person who has nothing to worry about will have a hard time knowing God." Couple of clarifications: 1) We all have something to worry about, the key is how we handle that issue, and 2) It is through my dependence on God, and in my weaknesses where I find His strength. So in a sense, the more weakness I feel, the greater my trust can become. 

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