Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calvin and Me - Part 5

Irresistible Grace

On the surface, the concept makes sense, if God wants you to love Him, you are going to do it. That does not mean that everyone would embrace the concept. Some would resent the idea that God does not give us a choice. But I don't think that is the real issue. It is not that we don't have a choice, it is that there really is no choice.

It's like choosing between having a thick, juicy steak or having a bowl of dry cereal. Now some might say, wait, I am a vegetarian so I would choose the cereal. Okay, it is not a perfect analogy, but I think it makes the point for most. If you choose the steak, it is because you feel compelled by the sheer difference of the matter. A steak or cereal, I go for the steak.

The Bible says that one day, every knee will bow before God. I assume that means every knee. Even those who denied or rejected Him in this life. Why? Because He is God. Take every beautiful and powerful thing on this earth, multiply it by millions, and you only have the fringe of God. We will bow because there is no other option.

So what if, while here on earth, God chooses to reveal Himself to some, not even fully. If God wants you, He will get you. How can his grace be anything but irresistible? You can consider it unfair if you like that He does not reveal Himself to all, but you are not God, you cannot fathom His ways, It's like when my children want something and I have to say no. They don't look at the big picture, they just see that I am being unfair and they don't like it. Forget the fact that I have a bit more knowledge or insight than a 10 year old. Forget the fact that I understand our budget needs. Jimmy has a new Play Station 3, and we don't. That's not fair!

If you take this idea of unfairness to its fullest lengths, life is unfair anyway. Does everyone have the same advantages? Does everyone get to hear the gospel? Do those who hear it all get to hear it in the same way? Where does one draw the line at fairness?

That is not a rhetorical question. If you can answer that in a way that makes everything fair for everyone, I would really like to hear it. Until then, I will trust that God is fair, whether I understand it or not.

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