Friday, March 16, 2012

Holy Justification, Batman!

I read this quote here, refering to divorce, but I want to take it in a little bit different direction.

I plead with you to reconsider this and to understand that when you give account before the Judgment Seat of Christ, these “counselors” you have around you will not be present, and their cowardly justifications for sin will ring quite hollow.

Wow! I had never looked at it that way before. When we stand before God, our pastor is not going to be standing there beside us, saying, "Well, he was just believing what I told him, I really gotta take the blame for this." And even if he were there, do you really think that God will let him take the blame? I really gotta go with a NO on that one.

There is only one who will be standing there besides God and us, and that is Jesus. And I sure don't want him quoting Matthew 7:21-23 when it is my turn. We need to be aware that when we listen to a preacher, that does not fulfill our responsibility to God for that week's reading of the word. No more than putting an offering in the plate relieves us of caring for those in need around us.

Just thought we should know.

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