Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I just couldn't resist..

Story found here.

News flash: Atheist group uses unholy water to unbless a highway! Does anyone else find this ironic?

First, if they wanted to unbless it, does that not imply that it was previously blessed? So when the Christians sought to seek God's favor upon this stretch of highway, the atheists sought to undo what they do not believe in.

Seond, they claim to have unholy water. To have something be unholy, does that not imply that its opposite exists? And if something is holy, does that not imply the existence of God?

So, these people had nothing better to do than to go out on a day of the week, gather together, and do something about something that they really have no practical belief in.

Sounds like church to me.


Eddie Eddings said...

Atheists are always doing contradictory things because their very lives are a contradiction.

Don G said...

True of atheists, but also of many who call themselves Christian as well. Of course, that just fuels the atheist or agnostic, who point at the contradictions in our lives, and use it as an excuse to continue in ther contradiction.

Oh, what a wicked web!