Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kicked to the curb - Part 1

I have been kicked to the curb. The elders of the church I previously attended have asked that I repent or stop attending. Repent of what, you ask? Good question.

At our meeting, everyone was friendly and introductions were offered, but not needed. After a quick prayer, they got down to business. I am a terrible person because I do not fully embrace the pastor's preaching. I have actually had the nerve to ask questions.

I was confronted with the evidence. Did I say evidence? I mean with the accusations. I was accused of sending several e-mails. When I asked if I could see them, none were produced. I did admit to handing the pastor a typed letter addressing some of my concerns. I was chastised because of the length of the letter, 6 pages. Perhaps I should have asked the page limit for such inquiries, but I don't think it was really the length that mattered. It was the fact that I did not embrace the pastor's messages.

I was also told that the elders listened to me, then went back to listen to the pastor's messages more critically, and they affirmed everything he said. Nice of them to do that, I suppose. No need to sit down with me and open a Bible. No need to present evidence of the accusations they were making. They could have just had the meeting without me, and e-mailed me the results, because you can't confront accusations that exaggerated and you can't question witnesses that are not allowed to attend the meeting. The inquisition gets to make the rules and don't go talking about Biblical discipline. They will decide when and how to apply the Bible.

There, now that we understand the rules, let's play.


Helen said...

I was once suspended from church for not repenting of sins I knew not what. I later discovered it was enthusing over Calvinist doctrine too much - eventually I discovered the whole cage stage thing through Persis's blog (Thanks!) and it sort of made sense. But the church leader (a Calvinist!)never properly explained why I was SO condemned, nor did he open a bible to explain. Worst time of my life.

Don G said...

Helen, thanks for stopping by. It has been an interesting journey, and while at times difficult, I have also learned a lot.

I think I need to go check out Persis blog. Thanks!