Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I haven't posted lately for a couple of reasons. The first being a lot has been going on that has kept me very busy. But that one really doesn't fly because even when I am busy, I usually can find the time to post something.

The second reason is the real one. It is a feeling I have had of being disconnected. We have been looking for a church to attend that is closer to home, and it is not going well. I have this feeling that I just don't belong.

I read an article today in Rachel Held Evan's blog, and while I don't agree with everything she believes in, I can relate to her. In fact, while we differ in some aspects of what we believe, it is not our beliefs that we are looking for in a church, but rather acceptance and the ability to hold or express a belief that may not be popular or mainstream and not feel like a leper.

When Jesus came, the "church" was very closed-minded. They wouldn't even accept him, and a large part of the reason for that was because of who he was willing to accept. Yet at the same time, he was able to accept others without compromising who he was or what he believed. I think a lot of what we have in the conservative church is a fear of having people believe we condone something just because we accept and love those who practice such things. Jesus did not fear that, he loved and accepted all. But he did it without compromising his beliefs, something that I feel the liberal church errs in.

So I am not liberal. I believe homosexuality and abortion are wrong. But that should not stop me from loving them or fellowshipping with them. And I am not conservative, because I am not afraid of fellowshipping with people who do not agree with me. I just don't fit in.

Jesus did not fit in either. Is this what it means to be like him?