Monday, March 24, 2014


I am finding myself becoming more and more detached from evangelical Christianity. (See last post)

I don't like that idea, because I know that to Jesus the church is important. But he also spent a lot of time confronting the religious leaders of the day.

I try to look at his example, but need to understand my own imperfection as well. It's that whole thing about worrying about the speck in my brother's eye while having a plank in my own. Problem is, once the plank has been there for a while, you kinda get used to it.

It's quite a dilemma. Wanting to share what I believe the Gospel to mean while not making enemies in the process. I need time to think. To pray.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Love your neighbor?

God has such an interesting sense of humor.

After attending our Sunday School classes dinner at a local eatery last week, I was a little put off by the behavior of a few of the class members. I happened to be facing the other way, so I did not see the sight in question, but the fella opposite me did, and made it a point to comment about. Apparently, the moon was showing in a way that would make a plummer blush on a gentleman who had just gotten up to use the restroom. Comments and laughter continued as he made his way to the door, where he paused a few moments before exiting. But some of the commentors did not notice this and continued making remarks. I wondered if he heard and understood that they were talking about him.

So today's Sunday School lesson was about loving your neighbor. The point was made that this is more than just loving people metaphorically. It was more than just loving people in far away places. It was about what you do right here at home. In fact, our "homework" was to find out our neighbors' names (the ones who live right by you) and something interesting about them.

My neighbor sat at a table in a restaurant. He did not dress as well as some of the others there.

A woman who does not live in our neighborhood was in need. We did not know what to do, so we went to talk to one of the pastors for advice. Their advice was simple, have her call some local government agencies to see how they could help, because we surely did not want to risk our savings or our children's needs to take on this family. How neighborly.

I guess I should be glad that this thing called Christianity is so much easier than the Bible actually makes it seem. But somehow I am not. Somehow it bothers me. But maybe I am alone it that. And that bothers me too.