Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Passion for God

I think I over-think things sometimes, but then again, I often under-think things, so maybe it all balances out.

Here lately, I have been reading various sources on what it means to be saved, and having assurance of salvation. Where is that text in the Bible that just gives the simple, straight-forward answer? I have not found it yet. Where is the text that gives the straight-forward plan of salvation? Why does it have to look different? And what are the non-negotiables? Baptism? What kind? Must I say a certain prayer? Do I have to say a prayer? What about tithing and so on.

I don't know all the answers, and if you think you do, I might be a bit skeptical to be honest. This has been a long journey for me, and I haven't gotten there yet. But one thing I have come to believe is necessary is what Matt talks about in Chapter 5 of his book, and that is a passion for God. And that is going to look different for different folks. But I still have questions. Does that passion only come from the Holy Spirit? Can I build that passion, or is it a gift from God?

Matt asks a tough question in this chapter, one that I have struggled with too. "Is this desperation something that typifies the church today?" Is the church passionately pursuing God, or is it selfishly promoting itself? Can we bring people to church, but not bring them to Jesus? Sadly, I have known many churches to be a revolving door. More turn-over can be found there than the local donut shop.

I want more passion for God. And for me, the help to achieving that is found in being around others who are passionate. I need to find that. That is my prayer for today.

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