Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fool me once...

That is why we will always fall for golden calves, signs and wonders, awe-inspiring religious productions, and sanctification plans that promise measurable progress.
(From Chapter 5)

We like chasing things. We are so easily led astray. Moses went up on the mountain to be with God. It took a bit longer than some would have liked, even through no time promises were made. We have a hard time walking by faith, when sight is so much more reliable. 

Isn't it nice to grow? Isn't that what God wants of us, growth in our Christianity and growth in our walk with him? Dying plants produce no fruit! 

But God desires that we walk by faith. When Jesus told Peter to get behind him, it was because he was thinking as man thinks. He was walking by sight. No, it does not seem right to me that my Savior should suffer.

I think of a student who was involved in a fight because of something someone had said about his mother. His mother came in, looked him in the eyes, and told him, "I can take care of myself, I am a grown adult. Nothing anyone says is going to hurt me. You don't have to defend me." 

Walking by faith can be tough. Sometimes, that desire to see more growth, when that growth really isn't there yet, is a tough pill to swallow. But I don't trust in my strength, I trust in Christ. I don't need false assurances, but rather to rest in His promises. I need to wait on the Lord, even if He is traveling at a pace a little slower than I might like. He knows what I can handle better than even me.


KC Bob said...

"We have a hard time walking by faith, when sight is so much more reliable."

So true Don! Good thoughts.

Don G said...

This is such a tough one for some to see (no pun intended). Letting go of our senses is not easy. I want to get better at this.