Thursday, October 24, 2013

It was just my imagination

In Chapter 4, Matt uses the phrase "imagination of the heart" to describe our human tendency to view things from our own perspective. Forget reality, this is how I view things and so it must be right. Somehow I recall a verse about how we should not walk by sight, or was that an old Petra song?

For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ. (Phil. 2: 21)

Just because it is human tendency, doesn't make it right. I can relate to his idea of entitlement, although I think I am on the other side of that coin. I don't feel entitled to more, I think I have enough, more than enough. Yet when I look around to see what I can get rid of to make my life less encumbered by the things of this world, I have a hard time finding things I don't "need." I have a hard time letting go. I look around the basement and see tubs of stuff that I haven't used in some time, yet are not ready to throw away. I sometimes wish God would just make that decision for me and take them away.

Jesus did not have a hard time letting go. And he had so much more to let go of than I do. But he was willing to put my interests ahead of His own. That's what I want, a mind like Christ's mind. A passion to serve others rather than myself. I chase after it, yet it constantly eludes me.

But I will continue to chase it. For it is the pursuit that lets me know I am his. I won't let go.


KC Bob said...

I can relate to you basement Don. When we moved and downsized we moved less than 10% of our basement.

Don G said...

Yes, I really think the only thing I would miss would be the picture files on the computer, but those are backed up so not really a big deal I suppose I would also miss my desk. It used to be my dad's, and they don't make them like this anymore.