Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's nail this one down

Salvation is not a program for us to follow; it is a gift to be received. That is the simplest and most difficult truth of the Christian faith. (Chapter 5)

Why is it that we try to put everything into some kind of formula? 5 steps, 4 laws, 7 rules, etc. Answer: Because that is how we make it manageable. That is how we keep control.

But can God's plans ever be controlled by man? Why is it that there is not one conversion in the Bible where we can see a plain pattern? Why do that have to have such varying elements? Why can't we have one instance where Paul hands someone a tract, they say the sinner's prayer, and get saved. Or they travel the Roman's path, get baptized, and walk in some kind of amazing glory after that? Maybe it is because that is not the reality of salvation. Maybe because salvation is different for different folks.

I watch Calvinists say Armenians are not saved, and Armenians say that Calvinism is of the devil. What if God is big enough to save some of both? (But maybe not for those who espouse such hate.)


Mike Erich the Mad Theologian said...

I would agree with you on this. We want to pin God down with nice need formulas and He does not work that way.

Don G said...

Hard to resist those easy answers though! Thanks for stopping by.

Paul G said...

Yes God is big enough to save some and reject others, to save some by grace and others by works.

KC Bob said...

"Maybe because salvation is different for different folks."

Well said Don!