Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's in your hope chest?

So what does it mean to live a life centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ? The answer Matt gives in Chapter 9 is quite simple: it means to passionately pursue Him. Sound great, but what does that mean? Matt gleans 3 important ideas. The first is discipleship. And not just discipling others, but being discipled too. I think that latter part is one that too many miss out on. The second is remembering our citizenship. How do we define ourselves? Is it by what we do, or what Christ has done for us? I think we know the correct choice. The third is by our anticipation of heaven. Not that heaven itself  is our goal. Our goal should be to be with God. I think of it in the marriage metaphor. When we marry someone, our goal is to be with them, for better or worse. Should they happen to live in a mansion, great. But if our goal is to live in the mansion, and we marry someone to achieve that goal, I doubt that the marriage relationship will be a good one or one that will last. Remember the parable? Where those who were not wearing the wedding clothes were cast out? If He will cast out the guests who were there only for their own enjoyment, what will he do to a bride that does not truly love Him?

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