Sunday, October 13, 2013

Agree or Disagree?

Salvation is not a program for us to follow; it is a gift to be received. That is the simplest and most difficult truth of the Christian faith.

So do you agree or disagree? 

I would have to say that I agree. Not that we don't want to make it into a program. We want things simple and organized. It's just that I don't see it that way in the Scriptures. I don't see  Paul intentionally writing Romans so that we could take a road trip. You have a thief on a cross, soldiers, citizens, and all kinds of inbetweeners achieving salvation, and it looks different each time. 

Did we not have a program with the law? That did not work out well for us, so why would we think that Jesus came just to replace one program with another? 

But this does make our minds stretch. Maybe even sometimes to the point of snapping. Like the Pharisees had their minds stretched every time they heard Jesus speak.  

Jesus said his yoke was easy, and his burden was light. That is because he carries the bulk of the burden. And he is strong enough to do so. That is where faith comes in.  


Mike Erich the Mad Theologian said...

I would also agree. We like make God fit our programs, but He does not really work that way.

KC Bob said...

I agree. I have said for some time that receiving a gift is not analogous to working for salvation. How can one take credit for simply accepting a gift?